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Thoughts about Interior Color

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Having thought about and discussed the exterior of different styles of homes, let’s give some thought to the interior. This is where people tend to have a lot of fear about color even though they do not seem to have the same fear about wearing color! If we could transfer the feeling of wearing color to living with color it would create wonderful rooms to enjoy.

What I find is that people are really not afraid of “the color” but of the intensity of the color. Intensity is the “value” of the hue, meaning how dark or how light, or the grades of color in between. A client may like a color but they just are not sure of the correct value. So fear of color is more than just using color but comprehending the light to dark ratio of the color.

Without getting into the weeds of color philosophy let’s keep this simple and think about color used for different styles of homes. Remember this is a general discussion because other elements of your home important in choosing color are hard surfaces, like stone and tile; color of the wood in cabinets and flooring and fabrics. These other elements have colors that you may want to enhance by putting that color on the wall. Laying out samples of these elements helps locate the color that will work in that room.

Also, color is a reflection of our personality. We all have favorite colors! Here are a few ideas based on styles of homes that might help in selecting interior colors.


Mediterranean Interior Colors 300x245 Thoughts about Interior ColorMediterranean—The interiors of Mediterranean homes are sometimes a unified color throughout the interior. But one is not limited to this concept. There are so many lovely colors that can play off the decorative tiles and terracotta. Mediterranean color palette is influenced by the earth and sky and water. If you want to create a little more drama in a dining area a darker richer color makes a lovely focal statement for the room. Here are a few ideas for this style home.


  • Rich Ochre tones (KM Red Ochre)
  • Siennas (KM Point Sienna)
  • Terracotta (KM Potter’s Clay)
  • Umber (KM Flax Seed)
  • Earthy Golds (KM Botanica Gold)
  • Terra Greens (KM French Clay)
  • Watery Blues (KM Lake Como)
  • Warm Whites (KM Pathos)


Craftsman—Reflections of nature are the influence of the Craftsman style. Beautiful nature inspired colors playing off the architectural features of the prairie style, or bungalow styles of the Craftsman. Natural earth tones dominate this style home.

Craftsman Interior1 300x289 Thoughts about Interior Color

  • Natural Wood Tones (KM Wildwood Bay)
  • Red Clay Tones (KM Sunbaked Earh)
  • Muted Plum Colors (KM Plum Island)
  • Muted Golden Colors (KM Gold Promise)
  • Leafy Greens (KM Colfax Pine)
  • Soft Warm Whites (KM Semolina)




California Ranch—This style home is a reflection of many styles influenced by theCraftsman prairie style and mid-century modern it opens the door to many color families. Here are a few ideas for the interior of this style.


  • Soft Whites (KM Sandpiper Place)Cal Ranch Interior Colors 279x300 Thoughts about Interior Color
  • Aqua (KM Iced Teal)
  • Warm Yellows (KM Summer Sherbert)
  • Golden Yellow (KM The Outback)
  • Yellow Greens (KM Frontenac Hills)
  • Deep Olives (KM Aged Olive)





Traditional Interior Colors 300x285 Thoughts about Interior ColorTraditional—Classical and elegant, the Traditional style is formal and refined with balanced and proportioned rooms and strong architectural features. Today’s Traditional style can blend into the Transitional, which melds the modern with the Traditional.


  • Soft Whites (KM Antique White)
  • Soft Blues (KM Quiet Refuge)
  • Yellows (KM Pale Pollen)
  • Muted Rose (KM Lida Rose)
  • Cool Grays (KM Parlor Games)
  • Salmon Reds (KM May Fair)


Victorian—Today’s Victorian can be influenced by a Transitional look as well as the luxurious Victorian style. Complementary colors mixed with harmonious shades with emphasis on the architectural features create a beautiful interior. Here are a few color directions for a Victorian style home.

  • Deep Plums (KM Purple Pansies)
  • Sky Blues (KM By the Bay)Victorian Interior Colors1 289x300 Thoughts about Interior Color
  • Bright Greens (KM Little Green Frog)
  • Dusty Rose (KM Lady Like)
  • Tans (KM Baked Biscuit)
  • Warm Whites (KM Dover Tint)
  • Soft Peach (KM Simply Sunset)
  • Taupe (KM Avorio)



Color Decisions

When choosing colors for your interior be sure to reflect or complement the colors of upholstery, cabinets, stone and tile. Another important tip is to always, and I do mean always, take the time to get samples, roll it out in the room you plan to paint and be sure to put it several places to see how light will affect the color at different times of the day.

Color can change as light changes throughout the day. Take the time to do this and you will have more confidence about the color you have selected.

Don’t be afraid it is only paint!

–Jana Geller







Looking for a Painter in Redwood City?

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Look no further! Rayco Painting is one of the highest reviewed painting companies in Redwood City and the peninsula region. We recently finished a rental property for Rainmaker Properties who is a partner of Rayco’s here on the peninsula. Many of their clients are referred whenever they need a painting estimate. The new renters wanted to spruce up the new space and tried to stay away from the standard white walls. They opted for a few custom Kelly Moore colors that they had matched to look like their sheets and furniture.

Capture1 Looking for a Painter in Redwood City?

Living Room Painting

Capture22 Looking for a Painter in Redwood City?

Kelly Moore Custom Color for Babies Room

Rayco Painting Ver2.0 is Finally Here!

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Capture Rayco Painting Ver2.0 is Finally Here!We are proud to announce the unveiling of our new Ver 2 website. After many months of receiving feedback from our painting customers, we decided it was time to upgrade our website. We felt that a few very important topics we could offer our customers was exterior paint color advice and interior color ideas that would not only be useful but helpful in the decision making process. Obviously the site is still not 100% done but we are working hard to update the links and have more pictures to view.

We have enlisted a few color experts also to help add some color palette ideas. Check in regularly in our blog section to see the many homes we have painted in cities like Alameda, Redwood City, Walnut Creek, San Jose, San Mateo, Fremont and many more!

Thank you for taking the time out to view our site today and feel free to browse around to check out everything we have to offer about painting your house!

-Rayco Painting Team

Exterior Paint Job in Rockridge Neighborhood in Oakland

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Dara L. called Rayco for an estimate to paint the exterior of her Oakland home after receiving one of our door hangers.

Her home is on a corner across the street from a frequented baseball park. It’s a really busy part of town so she wanted to make sure her home looked in tip top shape.

One thing we noticed right away was that the wood was allegatoring. We cleaned that up without delay using adhesion primer. There was also a lot of sanding done to make the area around the door and upper fascia smooth.
Fifteen gallons of gripper was first back rolled among the entire home. Kelly Moore Cameron Bay was then painted on the siding, framing around garage door, and the downspout.

Dara has been thrilled with the outcome. As are we. Keep an eye out for our upcoming television commercial were this home will be featured.
re1 Exterior Paint Job in Rockridge Neighborhood in Oaklandre2 Exterior Paint Job in Rockridge Neighborhood in Oakland


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Color, is the most important element in design and is the backdrop for layering all the other elements. On canvas, it is the direction and influence of the painting and in design; it lays out a theme for the home. Color is a reflection of our personality and our likes and dislikes. It is how we imagine our homes.

Thoughts about Exterior Color

Go past personal preferences, when thinking of the exterior color of a home. First look to the architectural style of the home. Is it Mediterranean, California ranch, a craftsman contemporary, traditional, or Victorian? All of these styles have their own traditional palettes that may enhance the look far beyond just choosing your favorite color. Today let us look to the palettes that fit some different styles.

MediterraneanReflects colors of the earth, as shown in the use of warm-toned stucco and aged stone patios with accents of deep red, like the wines of the region, and rich dark blues, or light sea blues. These hues can be lightened or darkened for different affects.

  • Mediterranean Photos3 300x190 ColorOchre (Field Gear)
  • Sienna (Rustic Hills)
  • Terracotta (Tuscan Terracotta)
  • Umber (Umber Shadow)
  • Earthy creams (Sun Glory)
  • Rich blues (Teal Shadow)

CraftsmanInspired by nature, this architectural style brings the muted tones of the forest and the natural soft tones of the paths through redwood groves. They have amazing trims, exposed rafters, and decorative false beams and braces accentuated in creams or soft taupe.

  • Craftsman21 300x232 ColorGolden browns (Golden Mist)
  • Muted and soft greens (Green Dusk)
  • Deep plum (Fine Wine)
  • Earthy taupe(Sand Pebble)
  • Warm rust (Old Brick)
  • Blue (Sailboat Blue)


California RanchColors range as free as the architecture. This style is influenced by the prairie and bungalow styles, with a hint of colonial and sometimes Mediterranean all combined to give a new direction towards a contemporary look. Colors can run to the appreciations and imaginations of the homeowner. The focus is playing on the architectural features, which drew you to the home originally taking care not to lose them whenconsidering painting.

  • Warm taupe (MCal Ranch1 300x248 Colorartini shaker)
  • Creamy whites (Pebble Buff)
  • Warm beige (Timothy Tan)
  • Muted green (Aged Olive)
  • Pale gold (Sari Suit)
  • Light Blue (Iced Teal)

Traditional—A classic style, the expression of elegant and gracious living reminiscent of the 18th and 19th century. Today the traditional can overlap into a combination of traditional and contemporary commonly referred to as transitional.

Traditional 300x242 Color

  • Cool gray (SterlingWater)
  • Muted blue (Storm Blue)
  • Soft white (Villa Nor)
  • Soothing green (Buchart Gardens)
  • Khaki brown (Wood Moss)
  • Brick red (Leaf Rust)

VictorianA Victorian style can reflect a variety of looks from the Queen Anne to a Renaissance revival…but for today’s thoughts about color let us think of the Victorians of San Francisco.  When I think of this style and its “gingerbread”, referring to the decorative wood or metal trims, it reminds me of frosting on lovely cakeswhich are definitely more beautiful than practical. Colors range from a vast array of whimsical pastels to the subtle grays of a dove feather.

  • Gray (PlymouthVictorian 300x210 Color Grey)
  • Sky blue (Birds Egg Blue)
  • Rich gold (West Warwick)
  • Yellow green (Green of Spring)
  • Muted plum (Eggplant)
  • Lavender (Gateway to Paradise)
  • Tan (Nevada Peak)


Color Decisions

In picking colors for the exterior of a home, the consideration of the above palettes are the basis, with the likes and dislikes of the homeowner determining the final choices. Beyond style, look to the neighborhood and the colors chosen on the block. Keeping with the color families unifies the neighborhood.  Most importantly, how do we imagine our homes?